I hid myself in my hood 

scared of the glare and laughs,

My heart is broken but I will

rise,rise again as a strong woman

who is not defined by them.


The Angle

Complex numbers,argard diagrams 

Are all I read

The preacher spoke with vigour,

Polar form:Exponetial is a constant of a unit infinity.

Theta then became an argument of life,

life that seemed stabbed by humility: my predicament was the inversion of tan.

The weight of cosine and sine will give me an ultimate death… Relive me off this mass!

Who would have thought that the square 

of the radius will be  a substitute of the 

pythagoras theorem?

Her white cloth reminds me of the tan inversion

Deliver me from these complex numbers!! 1° ,25.7°…

I wish for a blind husband…

His eyes though provoking

are  a gem to behold.

his sight could see the unseen

,the unexpected,and the divine ‘yours truly’

his taste is nothing short but of glory clear,fleshy and wholly

how i wish my husband was blind so that i too could taste the forbidden so that i too could accept little tokens of Love.tired of his wondering eyes,his master architectural plans of a great  Babylonian tower,his boundaries strong like the wall of china impenetrable by me,his loving wife.

I seek Dominion interference,for him to be struck blind ,so that the blind could see,the machines to start living again and the graves… huh

I dance with joy on the plan.